The Red Gums property is situated 21 kilometres east of Echuca, close to the Goulburn River in River Red Gum country. Cliff and Maree Downey have a beef cattle stud, currently managing a breeding herd of 30 cows, using artificial insemination to enhance the fine features of the breed. We sell bulls to commercial cattle breeders as well as cattle to Red Angus studs.

 Our focus is to breed cattle with high growth rates and moderate birth weights. In the three years developing our herd we have noticed our Red Angus cattle bought from three states are hardy, birth without problems (one easy assist in three years), are excellent mothers and they’ve shown terrific feed conversion and condition during very difficult seasons. 
All cattle were vaccinated with Ultrvac 7 in one and Pestivirus in Nov 2015. All cattle drenched in Jan 2016 with Eprinex. All bulls vaccinated with Vibrovax just prior to beef week.
All bulls sold with health certificate passing a physical and health examination with a negative result for Pestivirus, issued by Kyabram Vet Clinic.
Vets at bull checks and AI programs continually mention how quiet our cattle are in the yard and race.
Why is docility important?
Calmer cattle means less time mustering and in the yard. Also less maintenance on farm infrastructure and less OH&S issues.
We are also focused on excellent carcase characteristics and note that a Red Angus carcase (Wyndarra stud) won the ANZ Beef Australia May 2015 National Individual Carcass competition. ‘Ferndale Park Workman’ is a foundation sire for this stud and also some of our cattle.

Our registered cattle can be seen on Breedplan and we have begun entering our own data this year. We believe our commercial cattle including young bulls for sale are close to as good.

We are offering our bulls for sale this year where a reduced national herd has resulted in higher demand. This bodes well for higher value from the bulls you choose.

AI Sires

Red Label (Te Mania) has the most impressive set of EBV’s we have seen in Australia. His progeny are impressive.

Iron Ore (Paringa) is one of the top sires in Australia and in the top ten used in the U.S. You can see two of his progeny in the youngest bulls on display.

We have also used a range of U.S. and Canadian AI sires in 2015 including ‘Becton Epic’, ‘Grand Slam’ and ‘Mission Statement’.